'Sup Bitches

I am back on-line.

Executing massive clean up, which includes removing toxic people from my life.

Holy fuck. Not that I ever expected to be 'friends forever', but I honestly didn't know the full extent of how plastic some people can become. How they can pretend they care one minute and act like you don't exist the next.

Well no more of that.

Too many things to do to waste any more time here. Everything will disappear by the end of this week.

By the way, there's no more Mr. Nice Guy from me. I'm calling everyone out on their shit. EVERYONE.

How everything I once loved and believed in has become just another scene, another trend, another ground of bullshit and drama is completely disgusting. I may only be one person, but I'd rather stick to who I am than constantly trying to convince people of that. What the fuck do I care what any of you think about me any more. You don't know who I am. I'm not the same person I was when I came to Philly, and I'm so thankful for that.

Now it's time to bring those changes to this stupid place called the Internet, because unfortunately it does me no good to have them sitting on my computer.

Either you know how to find me, or you don't.
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Is growing in their fridge.

Hey there...remember me? It's ok if you don't. After almost 20 weeks of complete silence, I wouldn't give a shit either.

Have not had Internet since I got back to Philly. Using a friend's laptop at the moment. Story of my life, eh? What kind of Carny would I be if I wasn't pirating Internet?

Anywho, stopped by just to say that I am going to be deleting this journal, along with the current MySpace profile and anything else that must be erased from Internet existence.

My eyes have been opened to a LOT of things. Namely how fucking FAKE people are. And by 'people', I mean those that I cared enough about to call 'friend'. Whether I knew you in high school or we were hanging out just last year...all of you have become NOTHING. I have reached my hand out in friendship so many times only to have it slapped away or completely ignored. Have I really done something so terrible that I don't even deserve recognition as a human being.

Fortunately, there are a few...VERY FEW...who I still consider to be my friends. They are close to me b/c I trust them, and I trust them b/c they have NEVER done me wrong. They have never lied to me, fucked with me, stole from me or cheated me. I cannot say the same for others, such as the person who USED ME TO GET DOWN SOUTH AND THEN WANTED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.

Or those that now choose to associate with him. Despite the fact that I was honest WITHOUT going into detail, these people have decided that he's still a cool guy. Ok, sure. This is the same guy who stole all your lines and everything else you taught him to be all bad ass down South. The same guy who talks shit about you behind your backs but will be Mr. Nice to your face. I'm sure he's had the nicest things to say about me. How I used MY money to get us down South. How MY MONEY paid our rent when we got there and bought us food.

None of that matters now, except for the fact I want the truth to be known, b/c Joshua Geiger is a LIAR. He will tell you anything to make himself look good, like how he was discharged from the Army. What he won't tell you, is that it was b/c he was diagnosed as being bi-polar and attempted suicide. THAT'S why he was sent home, and for no other reason.

I've got so much dirt on this kid it's not even funny. Truth that was handed to me FROM HIS OWN PARENTS.

So all you hypocrites in West Philly, who sit and preach how they are 'preserving the arts' when in fact the very thing that motivates them is the almighty dollar, I wash my hands of you and your false faces. Don't ever bring them around me and smile and act like you give a shit about me. WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU DURING THE FIVE MONTHS OF HELL I ENDURED???

Where were you when I was being verbally abused? Oh, that's right...down the fucking hall getting high and pretending that you heard nothing...or putting all the blame on me and treating him like the victim. Right...b/c I got up in his face and punched the wall and the door frame. I'm the one who constantly threatened to call the cops and put him in jail. I'm the one who begged to go down South, bad-mouthing every last person that we lived with and acting like I was better than them.

Believe what you want. I know the truth, and what's stated here is only the tip of the fucking iceburg.

What have I been doing then, you ask? Writing not one, but two magazines that will be released towards the end of this month. There's some art lying around, and at some point I plan to do some gallery shows. Many plans for body modification, some of which will come to light before the end of the year.

Other than that, I have been and currently am enjoying my new life in Philly. I have been here for almost three years now, and despite that little 'vacation' I took down South, I know without a doubt that this is my home. I have the best friend/boyfriend I could have ever asked for. This is seriously the happiest I have been in a long time. I LOVE YOU DIRTY DAVE, AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!

That's everything in a highly conjumbled ranting nutshell. At some point I am going to archive all my entries from this journal, as well as the one I had before it. Like to keep track of some things, you know? When I have actual Internet [which should be in the next few weeks], I will be creating a new journal. There are fifty pages already waiting for export from 'puter to LJ. Most of the same randomness none of you have come to know and love with a healthy dose of debauchery and glimpse into the life of Jersey-turn-Philly Carny.

If you want add the new journal, send me an e-email: lenorevonangel@gmail.com

Otherwise, it's been a fun six years. I have evolved much in a short period of time, and soon enough that will be reflected in the on-line personality. I am a real person living in the real world and have no time for floating avatars attached to profiles.


It's all about the hair baby...

That's right kids, it's hair day. =D

While I don't have the digi-cam in my possession currently, I'm aiming to get it back by tomorrow. If not, than at the very latest by Sat. Which means you don't get to see Phase Six of bleaching. Which isn't all that exciting to begin with. The fringe is half blonde, with the ends being that annoying brassy color, but fairly light and nearly gone. The rest of my head has a good inch or more of blonde, and the ends are fun array of colors. Let's leave it at that.

In a minute, I'll be heading out in this gorgeous weather to pick up some bleach and a few packs of hair. Then it's time to kill the roots, again. Didn't I do this two weeks ago? *haha* Then it's wash and condition. I've been using this tea-tree oil infused colesteral and it's been working wonders. After that, must shave down to the skin.

Next step: extensions. I have waited quite a few weeks to do these again, and now that the time has come I am uber excited. For the record, I tried the dread fall last nite and it just wasn't working. It'll probly be up for sale by next week, and I hope someone buys it. Put a lot of time and effort [and some monies] into it and would like to see it go to a good home.

Anywho, I'm doing blonde and green this time around. Blonde to match the roots, and green b/c that's the color of the dress I'll be wearing for the show on Sat. Maybe throw in another color depending on how much it all costs, as I don't want to spend too much.

That's pretty much going to consume my day. At least the OH will be back from work at a decent hour. I had zero QT this weekend, and I know we both would like some. Tomorrow is his day off and pay day, so I think we're actually going to do something.

Had a lot of fun researching over the weekend and will get back to it on Wed. Very happy that the 'zine is coming along, but have to continue the progress. If I start procrastinating, I know I won't get it done. Maybe I can convince the OH to invest in a little bit of 'motivation'.

Crap. I just remembered his b-day is next week, and I have no monies to get him anything. =/ Eh...whatever. I gave him plenty so he could get to work. Early gift. :p

Besides, July 4th is next Fri. I want to get stoned and blow shit up again, and that's what I'm doing dangnabit.

Off to King's Beauty Supply now. Prepare for actual photographic evidence at some point in the next few weeks.

(no subject)

Do you have any idea how glorious it is to go for a walk in the park, in the middle of the nite, full moon glowing orange? Yea, that's what I did yesterday so I could talk to Bob.

Wanted to pop in for just a moment b/c I am very excited about the third issue of my 'zine. The contributors this time around will hopefully urge people's interest to buy.

Also, been trying to get the ball rolling on another project, and since that's still in the stages of being worked on, I will say nothing for the time being.

I really hope that we can move soon. The drama and bullshit and general negative vibes really suck.

Other than than that, I'm actually having fun researching for the 'zine. Found a lot of good info last nite and have to just keep at it. Which is what I'm gonna do now, after I hit up the grocery store for some eats. Then talk to Bob.

Still trying to get the digi-cam back. *arg* Is it too much to ask to want to take some pictures of my hair?

On a final note, I got the 1 1/2 inch stainless steel tunnels back in. It took maybe a month an a half to get the ears to that size again. Feel much better now, even if it makes people stare at me more. I missed the big lobes and glad I decided to have them again.

Must go. Stomach growling and cramps hurting.
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What REALLY grinds my gears [the hair edition]...

Why do people bother getting my hopes up and ask to have me do their hair, if they are just going to turn around and have it done elsewhere?

Do you have any idea how offensive that is? It's like going into a tattoo shop, getting a design drawn, then taking it to a competitor. Worse even, having some hack scratcher do it.

You try to do something nice for people, and they just shit on you. Take your service for granted, and don't bother to help promote you. You put your time and effort into making a piece, then they can't even be cool and tell people that you did so. Yea, b/c I really enjoy spending money to get nothing in return. It feels ever so good.

Hair is probly the one thing I excel in, and nobody knows it. I haven't ever been able to put a portfolio together due to this exact bullshit. I make every effort to contact models and/or photographers, doing everything possible to ensure a smooth transaction, then get fucked over in the end.

How are you not supposed to feel disappointed? What is left to motivate, aside from that inner desire to prove to people that your talent is worthwhile?

I see these people popping up left and right selling dreads, dreads and more fucking dreads. Hey, if you like them, that's cool. It's boring to me. I enjoy mixed media, crazy up-do's, sleek vintage styles and making synthetic materials look like they're growing from the scalp. Bright colors and bold cuts are what set me apart from the standard salon stylist.

Salons are just hair cut factories. Get the client in the chair and hack away until the stylist is satisfied, then overcharge client and senD them on their way. What happened to listening to what people want? Taking your time to ensure that every single fucking hair is sliced to the best of perfection a pair of human hands can produce.

I have spent hours and even weeks producing hair pieces. I have spent countless amounts to purchase these materials, and never asked for anything more in return than two very simple things. Credit my work. Send me some decent photos.

Apparently this has been too much to ask. My rates have always been ridiculously affordable, b/c I believe more in satisfying my clients than fattening my pockets. Maybe I should be one of those snobby, elitist, uber cunt stylists who think they're better than everyone else b/c they have the skill to cut hair and you don't.

Mark my words. One day you shall see what these hands are capable of. Begging will commence. Maybe if you kiss my ass enough, I'll bestow the glory of my art upon thee.

For now, I am going to be selfish unless someone decides they want to give me a large sum of money, free photos and tons of pimping.
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Flesh Pull @ Body Graffix [5.3.08]

Despite the look of surprise on my face, this was not really painful. Obviously having 8g needles put in your flesh makes you feel something, as does having hooks under your skin.

This was the first time I had hooks thrown and it was so fucking awesome. You can keep your drugs and alcohol. Nothing can beat the adrenaline that was pumping thru my body during this entire ritual.

By the way, this was sort of a practice run. I can assure you that there will be more in the future, along with some other really intense stuff.

I are YouTube celebrity now. You be jealous. Sucks to be you.

Cheap, plastic imitations break, and you will too...

Do you know what I enjoy most about plastic people?

They are so wrapped up in themselves, reading posts and blogs and the like that they post on the Internet for purposes of 'bating [yes, I can see you there stroking your ego and maybe even the lower area] over words most likely stolen from various sources. Oh tee-fucking-hee, like I haven't read that cliche or over-used popculture reference before. ZOMG, you are so original it hurts.

I really enjoy it when people steal and they don't think twice about it. Mostly due to the fact that they are convinced they haven't. I can see your photos in which you apply make-up colors in the same way that I do. Same colors; same area...different technique and maybe you have MAC and I just have some dollar eyeshadow from the beauty store. Here's a reality check for you: buying MAC, over-applying it, blending it into oblivion and not knowing where to stop with your eyeshadow impresses but a small, select group who haven't seen real make-up. I am not claiming to be a professional artist...just in case you feel the urge to be a snarky cunt and point out how you don't care for my style. Oh, my bad. I missed the part where I said I do make-up and hair b/c I need people to comment on it, not b/c I enjoy it.

It's funny when people bitch about how scene kids spend their time posing in front of the camera when they do the same fucking thing. No, maybe you don't consume your entire day doing it. I can guarantee you didn't roll out of bed with your make-up on, hair done and outfit selected before you snapped those photos either. Then you commence with the bitching, while the entire time you do so, you are being a hypocrite. First of all, not everyone has the money to waste spend on Lip Service or other name-brand, mass-produced scene wear. Second, I do belive that there is more than one photo of you wearing the same fucking thing. Hello pot, my name is kettle. I see we are both black. Thirdly, you also seem to recycle the same fake hair over and over and over again. Nevermind the fact that you didn't make it, but love receiving compliments about it. I do realize that it can be costly, even if you DIY. Then again, you couldn't ever grasp the concept of DIY b/c you were too busy shitting on a scene you know little or nothing about to score points in your own "crew". Laughable it is.

I won't even touch the whole stealing my look thing. I'm sure you are convinced that you are just doing it b/c you want to. Yup. I post about dying my hair a certain color; you follow. I post photos of myself in a red and black wig; you follow. Too bad mine was 100% hand made and all you have is something that is store bought. Then again, at times your whole personality and persona on a whole seem to have fallen out of various catelogs, despite your claim to wanting/being original.

As an aside, crooked body jewelry may just be a pet peeve of mine, but it really does make you look ridiculous. How fucking hard is it to fix it before you snap a photo?

Also, drawing slightly curved lines on your forehead does not constitue as eyebrows. My blind dead grandmother can draw better eyebrows than you.

Finally, soak up all the attention you can get. Bask in your Internet glory and legion of lemmings. I never want any of that for myself, as I have no need for hordes of plastic people kissing my ass so I can feel better about myself. I know I am better without those who would only friend me to get something out of it for themselves. You are sad, sorry individuals, but you get no pity from me. I gave of myself and you were an ungrateful child. I wish the wrath of Karma upon thee.

Your self-rightesousness fuels me, so for that I do say thank-you. I will enjoy every moment when I am in the spotlight...particularly b/c I will have only myself to thank, and will gloat endlessly without shame.

Now that I have all this nonesense off my chest, I close in saying this. I never expected anything more from anyone than what I gave of myself, but apparently even that was too much. However, your greed and inability to show thanks or even the slightest bit of appreciation has taught me that people are fucking selfish and most likely are undeserving of my kindness. Which is why you will get none of it in the future. Bitch to whomever you like, I implore you. Love me or hate me; whatever gets you talking about me. The fact of the matter is, you are still talking about me, and I have moved far beyond caring that much about you.


Lenore, LAMF

World's Srongest Ears Tow Car

[Taken in the parking lot of Body Graffix yesterday afternoon.]

There's no camera tricks, and the engine was not running either. 100% Man-beast power. *mmhmm*
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Why exes should really get a life...

When I left NJ in '06, it was partly due to the year of suck I had endured with ex #2 [which is the kinder of the names he had been called]. Some of you may remember how he taunted me with claims that he would be off doing sideshow [the very thing I love and live for] while I would have nothing.

Yea, b/c I didn't meet up with Barry Silver or any other performers during my time in Philly. A reference to MySpace and noted peformances for said time should be glaringly obvious enough.

One would like to think that two years later, and the little shit would have moved on [as I have, with great success]. However, such is not the case.

The other nite, my boy James rang me up with a bit of information. It seems that a comment I had left on his page angered the mental midget enough that he sent James a message. In short, ex #2 ranted about how I only talk shit but would not be able to back it up.

This comes from the waste of flesh that trolls another person's MySpace page and gets offended by what I said. Yea, you're such a badass hiding behind a computer screen with your high school mentality name calling. It's oh so easy to block me b/c I called you out on your little blog, and instead of taking it like a man [which is becoming increasingly obvious you are not], you got all sandy vagina on me.

If I'm such a bad performer as you claim, then I would not receive monetary compesation for the acts I share with the public, nor would people constantly be awed or otherwise impressed.

Where are your prestigious photos and proof of your oh so great career?

Oh wait...you went and quit the fantasic job that I got you, broke up with the girl who let a three year-old doodle on her face and went crawling back home with your tail tucked between your legs. Then you got a job at Stop N' Shop, all the while making a pathetic attempt at starting a new "troupe".

Hot damn, is my face ever green with envy. Here I've been wasting time traveling, meeting some amazing people, making my mark in every venue and greatly enjoying life in general. Wasn't aware that what I should have been doing is giving a shit about your life and sending angry messages to your friends about how much of a 'cuntrag' you are.

It's been two fucking years. Grow up and get a life. I know it's hard considering that you feel empty unless you are trolling and talking shit, but there's more to real world than the fucking Internet. Some day you may learn this.

Also, keep talking shit from behind the computer. Must take real balls to be all e-tough. Come down South and say it to my face. I have no problem getting hillbilly wrecking crew LAMF.
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